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  • Late 2018 Martial Arts Getaways

    2018 – Time flies but the year isn’t over yet.   Looking to get a break from the chilly Fall weather this year?   How about taking a few days off with these Martial Arts Camps to get away from it all? Martial Fusion will be in Sarasota, Florida Nov 16 – 19th.   This…

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  • Do you want to be a Martial Conceptualist?

    2018 – So you want to be a Martial Artist but you don’t know where to start?  Or perhaps you don’t know where you want to finish? Well, in order to run a Marathon you’ve got to have endurance, right?   That’s a CONCEPT that any serious person with a goal such as that would…

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  • Can I be an Essence Kenpo Ambassador with less than 2 Dan stripes?

    2018 – Sure you can.  Anyone can promote anything.  How about that used car salesman down the street?  Or that restaurant employee who keeps putting menus in your mailbox? You may be a colored belt, concepts belt, or 1st Dan and still promote the system.  There’s nothing wrong with that and I’m not going to…

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  • Upcoming 2018 Martial Arts Events you don’t want to miss

    2018-There is still time to get involved and attend some fantastic Martial Arts Events in 2018.   These events are excellent ways to improve your techniques and knowledge while making some valuable contacts along the way.   Enjoy! Karate College June 21-24th, 2018 Radford, VA -All ranks and styles welcome. Martial Arts Supershow…

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  • Essence Kenpo’s Black Belt Progression Concept

    2018-Essence Kenpo was founded with 6 levels of progression from 1st Dan through 5th Dan plus a C-Dan Concepts Belt.  As you can see from the above, there are 5 stripes that can be designated in Essence Kenpo’s system.   The top stripe is red, signifying power, while the following 4 stripes are yellow, signifying…

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  • Tired of looking around for the perfect martial art?

    2018-Essence Kenpo is a personal, modern freestyle system of self-defense with traditional benefits.   It’s structured in such a way that you may have to learn from a number of sources in order to progress in the system and that’s actually encouraged to get a comprehensive education. Are you one of many that learn from…

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Black Dragon Kenpo, 2017

Shaolin Kenpo, 2006

Shorin-Ryu, 2000

Tang Soo Do, 1985

Essence Kenpo Soke Michael Ballard

Soke Michael Ballard, mid-1980’s, Tang Soo Do

Essence Kenpo

Est. Aug 2017 by the International MMA Association

5th Dan, Essence Kenpo

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